Increase efficiencies with faster performance to visual data analytics, dashboards & reports

Increase insights and improve efficiencies with faster performance to real-time data analytics and results from any data source, on any device. With Dundas BI, users have easy data discovery and powerful visualizations, dashboards and reporting all delivered by a self-service, single experience, on one flexible, open platform.

Key Features & Benefits

Powerful Dashboards & Reports

With our Smart Design Experience, easy tools and a wide range of visualization options to choose from, you can create pixel perfect, interactive dashboards and rich reports and scorecards using best practices. It is as simple as drag and drop and fully customizable.

Single Experience

With Dundas BI, you have a single and unified experience across all data sources and all devices, providing faster time to analysis and deployment via a common interface for all data exploration, analysis and visualization. Increase performance and delivery with uniform experience and tools.

Tailored Self-Service

With tailored, self-service BI by user type, you can easily and quickly perform data discovery and on-the-fly data analysis via powerful visualisations. Create your own dashboards, reports, run queries and perform data analysis without having to involve your organisation’s IT team.

  • Business user can view, create, interact and share dashboards and reports.
  • Technical users can create data connectors, data models, metric sets and customise data views.
  • Smart analytic with hierarchies, time dimensions, period over period and formula calculations.

Data Integration and Modeling: IT and BI professionals can easily combine and work with data from multiple sources to prepare the data models allowing for self-service dashboard and reporting needs.

One Flexible Solution

Dundas BI Platform: designed with customization and extensibility in mind, supporting many levels of customization from simple end user configurations to CSS styling and full scripting. Full API support and extended scripting allows for unlimited extensions and modifications.

Professional Services & Support

Dundas BI provides an enterprise-ready BI platform with ease of management, full control and the security and governance needed for large-scale integration and deployment. Easy to deploy, maintain and administer with full control of users and their data access level.

Dundas BI combines the best of both ‘IT-Led’ and ‘Business Self-Service’

The depth of our capabilities is a clear advantage over other vendors whose products are restrictive and one-dimensional.
This allows us to offer the agility you require to move fast while eliminating any roadblocks standing in your way.

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