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PT BAR offers all levels of on-site training, from introductory to advance in a comfortable, hands-on learning environment. Training will be conducted by experienced Trainer with high quality training material.

Open Enrolment

This is an open class training which will be attended by participants from different companies and industries. Please contact us at for regular training schedule.

Onsite Training

This is an ideal way to receive valuable education while minimizing travel expenses and lost productivity:
– Convenient – Courses are delivered to your team, at your location, on your schedule, and only for your employees
– Cost-Effective – Eliminate your travel time and expenses, with a lower per trainee cost, while increasing the overall productivity of your team
– Optimal Use of Time – Disruptions in business are minimized with employees remaining on-site for training

Customised Onsite Training

Should you prefer to have training using your organisation’s data as training case study, CUSTOMISED ONSITE TRAINING will suit you well.


Our consulting team assisted customers in developing scripts for fast results, leading to increased confidence and productivity in the corporate data and financial reporting. With our consulting services, you can now free your valuable staff resources to focus on critical analysis, investigation and to resolving potential weaknesses or deficiencies in internal control and core business processes.

Managed Services

We work with your team to determine exactly what’s most important and automate it. Our managed services allows your team to promptly deliver analysis and reports on a regular basis.  This includes changes on the variables or parameters of all your analysis and reporting needs.

Course Schedule

Course Name Duration CPE Credits Training Schedule
Mar 2018 April 2018 May 2018
Arbutus Introductory Workshop 3 days 21 19-21 02-04




Arbutus Data Analysis Intermediate Workshop 2 days 14 22-23 05-06




Arbutus Advance Scripting Workshop 3 days 21 26-28 09-11



NOTE: Schedule above is still tentative. Call us for the confirmed schedule.

We also provide Onsite training for above course, please call +62 21 8065 7851 or email to

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